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Some of Our Partners

Plasma Antennas is a participating member of SMART-Net, a pan-European Seventh Framework Programme project focused on smart wireless mesh networks. The aim of the SMART-Net programme is to overcome the limitations of conventional broadband wireless access systems, in which all communications pass through one costly central base station. The project will define a novel system architecture that will enable the next generation of wireless mesh networks. This architecture will support new Internet applications, the delivery of innovative service packages offered by telecom operators, and advanced communication solutions for public safety and homeland security.

The SMART-Net project intends to analyse advanced protocols and procedures for this new paradigm. Smart antennas, traditionally deployed in base stations, are included for use at each subscriber location. The ability to efficiently combine these new capabilities with mesh networking will allow the system to provide scalability, reliability and security. This approach will also be enhanced with advanced routing and scheduling protocols specifically designed for heterogeneous Wireless Mesh Networks.



Plasma Antennas is a member of Cambridge Wireless, one of the UK’s leading wireless communities with a rapidly expanding network of companies interested in the application of wireless technologies.


Plasma Antennas is a member of IWPC, an industry-leading consortium that facilitates global knowledge-capital collaboration, delivering unfiltered real time insight into vital technology, market and ecosystem evolution.