Applications Overview

Plasma Antennas’ smart selectable multi-beam antennas bring many advantages to a range of wireless communication and sensing applications.

Mobile Communications

Plasma Antennas partners with mobile equipment OEMs to produce strongly-differentiated solutions for backhaul connectivity of small cells and WiFi offload and next generation 5G devices and networks.

Oil & Gas Networks

Plasma Antennas’ smart selectable multi-beam antennas enable network equipment OEMs to gain a significant competitive advantage by providing broadband wireless systems that are simpler to deploy and that provide higher levels of performance for customers in the Oil & Gas sector.

Tactical Wireless Broadband

By integrating Plasma Antennas’ smart selectable multi-beam antennas, defence communication equipment providers are able to deliver tactical wireless broadband systems that are faster to deploy and that have superior range, throughput and resilience.

Public Safety Networks

With Plasma Antennas’ smart selectable multi-beam antennas, public safety agencies can reduce the cost and complexity of providing wireless data connectivity to mobile and nomadic public safety vehicles and increase the flexibility and reliability of CCTV networks.

Defence, Space and Homeland Security

Plasma Antennas’ technologies have a number of applications in the defence, space and homeland security sectors.

Connected Vehicles and Scanning Vehicle Radar

Plasma Antennas’ technologies can be used for between car and car to roadside comms, and scanning vehicle radars.

What is a selectable multibeam antenna?