Oil And Gas Networks

Oil and gas companies worldwide increasingly rely on broadband wireless systems to provide affordable high data rate communications to locations that are prohibitive costly or impractical to reach with optical fibre or leased lines. These networks connect remote locations, large facilities, people and applications, carrying large amounts of business-critical information and M2M data from telemetry and SCADA systems.

In order to be competitive in this challenging market, wireless equipment OEMs need to deliver systems that can be deployed quickly and easily in remote locations – ideally by non-technical personnel. In addition, these systems need to be robust and reliable, incorporating self-managing and self-healing capabilities.

Plasma Antennas’ smart selectable multi-beam antennas can be automatically aligned when a remote or nomadic network node is installed. Automatic alignment eliminates the need for manual aiming, significantly simplifying deployment and reducing CAPEX. In addition, selectable multi-beam antennas can be re-aligned dynamically, enabling wireless networks to self-organise whenever as traffic or interference patterns change, or in order to provide fail-over mechanisms.

When deployed at base stations and relay nodes, the high-speed beam-to-beam switching provided by Plasma Antennas’ selectable multi-beam antennas enable efficient spatial-TDMA, resulting in substantial increases in overall network capacity and lower cost-per-bit.

Wireless Broadband OEM Partners

Plasma Antennas partners with wireless broadband OEMs to produce strongly-differentiated communications solutions for the oil & gas sector. Typically, a selectable multi-beam antenna design is tightly integrated with the wireless broadband equipment of an OEM partner. Plasma Antennas is able to develop semi-custom antenna designs, based on proven set of technologies, to meet the individual requirements of our OEM partners.

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