Public Safety Networks

Public safety and first responder agencies are under increasing pressure to ensure the safety and security of the civilians they protect. There has been a dramatic growth in CCTV deployments for crime prevention and border surveillance. In addition, first responder services need rapid access to large amounts data in order to respond to natural disasters and malicious attacks. Both WiMAX and LTE networks will be deployed to deliver the required data throughput.

Plasma Antennas’ selectable multi-beam antennas enable fully automated alignment and re-alignment of the antenna beam to support dynamic and ad-hoc mesh networks plus mobile and nomadic subscriber stations.  These electronically steerable antennas provide high gain, yet are lightweight and completely maintenance-free.  With low switching latency, Plasma Antennas’ selectable multi-beam antennas enable networks to be configured and re-configured on-the-fly to provide optimal performance, redundancy and fault tolerance. Specific applications scenarios include:

  • Public safety networks: Plasma Antennas’ selectable multibeam provide a low cost, maintenance-free alternative to mechanically steered antennas to simplify and speed up connection, and to reduce the cost of mobile and nomadic wireless communication for public safety vehicles. Typically, a cylindrical selectable multibeam antenna providing electronic beam selection across a 360o field of view (Az) would be tightly integrated with access radio of the mobile/nomadic station. The selectable multibeam antenna enables a high-gain beam to be formed in the direction of the base station, significantly improving the link budget and range/throughput of the of the connection relative to an omni antenna and without the overhead of a manual alignment task required for a simple directional antenna.
  • Video surveillance networks: Public safety agencies are able to eliminate vulnerabilities in video surveillance networks with Plasma Antennas’ selectable multibeam antennas, by enabling traffic to be re-routed through backhaul mesh networks in real time in response to equipment failure or malevolent damage (e.g. terrorist attack).

Public Safety Communications Equipment Partners

Plasma Antennas works with leading public safety communications equipment manufacturers to develop high-performance wireless broadband systems. Plasma Antennas develops semi-custom antenna solutions to meet the particular requirements of these partners.

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