Tactical Wireless Broadband

Rapid Deployment of Point-to-Point Microwave Links

Unlike traditional fixed directional antennas, Plasma Antennas’ selectable multi-beam antennas can be automatically aligned in order to rapidly establish high data rate point-to-point microwave links for fast “on-the-halt” operations. Automatic alignment eliminates risks to personnel involved in manual alignment of antennas, while eliminating the substantial mast payload associated with mechanical alignment systems.

High-performance and Flexible Ad-hoc Mesh Networks

By containing the transmitted RF energy towards the intended target, directional antennas greatly improve spatial re-use, eavesdropping protection, interference or jamming rejection. However, fixed directional antennas need to manually aligned – a process that takes time, slowing down network deployment and exposing personnel to unnecessary risks.

With Plasma Antennas’ selectable multi-beam antennas deployed in ad-hoc mesh network equipment, high gain beams can be aligned dynamically between nodes in within the mesh. The high directivity of these beams provides excellent link budget and receive sensitivity, also limiting interference generated on transmit. In addition, low sidelobes and selectable nulling features mitigate interference arising from both friendly and hostile sources, including jammers. These improvements translate directly into increased in range and throughput – as well as enhanced network robustness.

Through high-speed directional beam-to-beam switching,  Plasma Antennas’ selectable multi-beam antennas enable efficient spatial-TDMA, resulting in substantial increases in overall network capacity.

Defence Communications Equipment Partners

Plasma Antennas works with leading defence communications equipment manufacturers to develop high-performance tactical wireless broadband systems. Plasma Antennas develops semi-custom antenna solutions to meet the particular requirements of these partners.

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