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20 June 2017: What do we need to do now to make 5G a reality as soon as possible?

Innovation and development needs to be tapped into now. Cloud RAN, neutral host, cognitive and pervasive radio, Mobile (or Multi- Access) Edge Computing (MEC) Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) Software Defined Networks (SDN)…. And of course Plasma Antennas reduce the cost of Base stations and CPE by 66%, it’s not just us that say this, our lead customers are confirming it.

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5-June 2017: Planes, Trains, Automobiles….and Plasma Silicon enabled Small Cells. Could these all be part of a multi-hop HetNet?

When Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) services become available UHD video on demand, video games and other data hungry applications will use them and users will expect widespread availability on their mobile devices, on planes, trains and in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV’s). The challenge is interference mitigation. Plasma Silicon offers the solution. This is not new to Plasma Antennas, we have been building rolling meshes for defence applications for over a decade.

View: Planes Trains Automobiles and Plasma Silicon enabled Small Cells

24-May-2017 : Why Plasma Silicon is the last link in the 5G chain…. And the first!

Only antennas based on Plasma Silicon Devices (PSiD) provide the low loss and power handling to deliver the range at an affordable price. PSiD’s not only require less silicon to do the same job as Phased Arrays but also simplify the whole system design providing a secondary set of significant cost savings by their use. It’s the last link between the 5G mmWave network and the subscriber and the first link from the subscriber to the 5G mmWave network.

22- May-2017: Plasma Antennas joins the Small Cell Forum to make 5G a commercial reality. Plasma Antennas are already working with several members of the forum, and plan to work with more, to solve the challenges presented by mmWave for mass market applications.

26-Oct-2016: Plasma Antennas achieves ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 registration, approved by Alcumus ISOQAR.

06-May-2016: Plasma Antennas is Recruiting.

  • RF Electronics / Antenna Technician – Filled
  • Operations, Quality and Production Manager – Filled
  • RF / Electronics Engineer

06-May-2016: New Website Under Development.  Check back soon.

05-Dec 2012: Plasma Antennas joins IWPC and presents at an IWPC Workshop held in Newark, NJ. IWPC is an industry-leading consortium that facilitates global knowledge-capital collaboration, delivering unfiltered real time insight into vital technology, market and ecosystem evolution.

20-Sep-2011: Plasma Antennas presents at the Antenna Systems 2011 conference held in Nashville, TN.

16-Aug-2011: Antenna Systems & Technology, a leading industry publiction, features an article by Plasma Antennas on Selectable Multi-beam Antennas in the fall 2011 edition.

18-Oct 2010:  Plasma Antennas joins UKTI Mission to 4G WorldTM, Chicago.

15-Jul 2010:  Plasma Antennas Provides SelectaBeam SP-2510 Selectable Multi-beam Antennas to the FP7 SMART-Net Project.

29-Apr 2010:  Plasma Antennas expands into new premises to meet increased demand for design, prototyping and measurement of selectable multibeam antennas.

31-Oct 2008:  Plasma Antennas releases preliminary information on the SelectaBeam SC-750 Series of selectable multi-beam antennas targeted at the growing markets for WiMAX and mesh networks.

31-Mar-2008: Plasma Antennas successful demonstrates the first multibeam plasma antenna within an anechoic chamber at QinetiQ.

30-Nov-2007: QinetiQ confirm successful reflective plasma measurements on Plasma Antennas PSiAn technology

30-Jun-2007: Plasma Antennas relocate to new headquarters at The Electron Centre, Harwell.

28-Feb-2007: Central Microstructures Facilities (CMF) at Rutherford Appleton Labs (RAL), Harwell provide Plasma Antenna with new silicon processing capabilities.