Key Product Options

Planar and cylindrical – all angles covered

Plasma Antennas’ selectable multibeam antennas are offered in both planar and cylindrical form factors, providing either sectoral or full 360° azimuth coverage respectively.  Planar designs are ideally suited to on-building mounting, perimeter or roadside operation and generally provide higher beam densities (in azimuth) than comparable cylindrical designs.  In addition, multiple planar designs can be combined with multi-radio base stations or mesh nodes to provide sectorized coverage.

With beams spaced across 360°, cylindrical designs are suited to applications in which a single radio is required to provide coverage of an entire cell, such as adaptive mesh nodes and mobile, nomadic and “on-the-halt” communications systems.

Single, cross and dual slant polarization

Available in single polar, cross polar and dual slant designs, Plasma Antennas’ selectable multibeam antennas provide system designers with maximum flexibility and choice. For many applications, simple vertical polarization provides the best solution. In our dual slant designs, beams for each polarization can be controlled independently. This offers the option of an additional communication channel (effectively doubling the throughput) or provides two very well de-correlated channels for 2xN MIMO operation.

Omnidirectional and sectoral floodlight modes

Although high-gain directional beams provide optimal link budget and interference suppression, many systems require either omnidirectional or sectoral “floodlight” coverage in certain modes of operation. Examples include non-deterministic CSMA/CA wireless protocols such as 802.11, and scenarios for node discovery and registration.

Many of Plasma Antennas’ selectable multibeam antennas designs incorporate omnidirectional or sectoral “floodlight” modes in cylindrical and planar designs respectively, providing system designers with maximum flexibility and choice.

Passive antenna designs – the most affordable smart antennas available

Passive selectable multibeam antennas provide high directivity and are a highly cost-effective solution for applications with less demanding range requirements, particularly for the unlicensed bands where regulations require lower levels of transmitted power. Our passive antennas can directly replace conventional fixed beam or sectoral antennas and are ideal for deployment in scenarios where higher user densities and other factors favour smaller cell sizes.

Active antenna designs – power and range

Active multibeam selectable antennas combine high directional gains with distributed RF amplifiers to enhance receive sensitivity and boost transmitted power.  Power amplification on transmit and low noise amplification on receive results in enhanced gains and improvements to link budgets in communication systems – all delivered in form factors with minimal size and footprint.  Our active designs are ideal for deployment in situations where mast space is at a premium, cable losses need to be overcome or when environmental concerns exist.

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