mmWave PSiAn Plasma Antennas

Plasma Antennas offers a unique range of highly innovative plasma-silicon devices (PSiDs) to form the compact RF core of future smart antennas. The PSiDs are designed to address emerging millimeter wave markets, including 60GHz small cell backhaul, intelligent transport systems (ITS) and vehicular radar.

Plasma-Silicon Device (PSiD)

PSiDs provide fast, electronic beam forming and beam selection functions. A PSiD can be regarded as a multi-port, wideband, commutating switch that replaces high loss RF switches, phase shifters and attenuators with one compact device. Due to their silicon IC construction PSiDs can be reproduced to high precision for the mass market at low cost. Moreover, they exhibit high power handling and, unlike RF MEMS, can be ‘hot’ switched (i.e. with power on).

Plasma Antenna (PSiAn)

PSiAns use either single or multiple PSiDs to perform azimuth and elevation beam steering. The PSiDs are mounted on RF PCBs and use transmission lines to link the device ports to well established radio and antenna technologies, such as LNAs, PAs, printed feeds, lenses and reflectors, to produce efficient smart antennas with steerable pencil beams.


Potential applications of PSiAn Plasma Antennas include:

  • Small Cell Backhaul at V-band (60GHz)
  • Gigabit Wireless LAN (e.g. WiGig)
  • Intelligent transport systems (ITS) at 63GHz
  • Vehicle radar (77GHz)

Antennas based on PSiAn technology are expected to be available for customer trials in 2years.

To request further information on Plasma Antennas’ PSiAn technology, please contact us.