Ultra Wide Band – ReflectaBeam Technology

Based on microwave electro-optics, Plasma Antennas’ ReflectaBeam antenna designs offer very high instantaneous bandwidth and provide the capability to generate multiple simultaneous beams.  ReflectaBeam antennas provide high-speed beam selection across wide fields of view, with switching latencies of less than 100ns.  With the potential to operate at frequencies of up to 90GHz, ReflectaBeam technology enables smart selectable multi-beam antennas to operate in millimetre wave bands.

Supporting both passive and amplified product designs, ReflectaBeam antennas support higher output powers and are ideally suited to a wide range of communication, sensing, suveillance, space and defence applications. At higher frequencies, applications also include spread spectrum radar sensors or spectrum monitoring systems.

Example Designs

Plasma Antennas is develops semi-custom antenna designs based on a set of proven technology platforms. Examples of ReflectaBeam designs include:

  • RP-4210 3-9GHz SMB Antenna: high gain 3-9GHz selectable multi-beam antenna providing high-speed switching between 15 beams positions across a 110° field of view.  Click here for the RP-4210 datasheet.
  • RS-4050 9-26GHz SMB Antenna: high gain 9-26GHz selectable multi-beam antenna providing high-speed switching between 19 beams positions across a 90° field of view. Click here for the RS-4045 datasheet.