Sub 6GHz – SelectaBeam Technology

Plasma Antennas’ SelectaBeam antenna designs deliver high-speed beam steering in a range of compact, lightweight and affordable form factors. SelectaBeam antennas are available as both planar and cylindrical designs, providing sub-microsecond beam selection within sectoral or full 360° fields of view, and incorporating optional floodlight and omnidirectional modes respectively.

With low sidelobes and selectable deep nulling capabilities, SelectaBeam antennas provide excellent interference rejection – a key requirement for delivering reliable and high-performance communications networks – particularly in lightly licensed and license excempt bands. Through high-speed directional beam-to-beam switching,  SelectaBeam antennas enable efficient spatial-TDMA, resulting in substantial increases in overall network capacity in a wide range of wireless communicatrions applications.

Key Features

Combining very high-speed beam switching with selectable deep nulling capabilities, our SelectaBeam portfolio of products are our most compact and affordable range of antennas. Key features of our SelectaBeam Antennas include:

  • High gain: SelectaBeam antennas provide high directional gain for increased link budgets, significantly enhanced network coverage and capacity, reducing the overall cost of deploying wireless networks.
  • Low sidelobes: With low sidelobes, SelectaBeam antennas suppress interference and enhance signal-to-interference ratios – key issues for wireless communication systems, particularly those operating in the unlicensed bands – also enabling improved frequency re-use and substantially higher utilization.
  • Selectable nulling: This unique feature allows SelectaBeam antennas to create deep nulls close to the main beam patterns, minimizing the impact of strong or close-in sources of interference.
  • High-speed beam switching: SelectaBeam antennas provide sub-microsecond beam selection, enabling efficient spatial-TDMA.
  • Low cost: Built from off-the-shelf microwave switching components, SelectaBeam antennas are the most affordable smart antennas on the market.
  • Compact and lightweight: with small physical footprints, SelectaBeam antennas are ideally suited to situations where there are constraints on mast size and cost, where space is at a premium or when environmental concerns exist. Their small size makes them easy to install (a “one man lift”), and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Maintenance free: SelectaBeam antennas require no calibration or on-going maintenance, minimizing total cost of ownership.

Example Designs

Plasma Antennas develops semi-custom antenna designs based on a set of proven technology platforms. These designs are customised to meet the particular needs of OEM customers. Examples of SelectaBeam designs include:

  • SelectaBeam SC-800 : a compact, dual-polar, selectable multi-beam antenna designed to be tightly integrated directly with small cell base stations and wireless back-haul equipment. Versions available operating in the 2.3-2.5GHz, 2.6-2.6GH and 3.3-3.8GHz bands. Click here for the SC-800 3.3-3.8GHz datasheet.
  • SelectaBeam SC-1020 : a high-performance dual-polar 5.4-5.9GHz selectable multi-beam antenna designed for remote and nomadic subscriber stations, as well as relay nodes and base stations within mesh networks. Click here for the SC-1020 datasheet.
  • SelectaBeam SP-2510 : a vertically polarised planar 5.3-5.8GHz selectable multi-beam antenna designed for a variety of high-capacity wireless broadband access, backhaul and mesh network applications. Click here for an SP-2510 datasheet.
  • SelectaBeam SP-2520 : a dual-slant polarised planar 5.3-5.8GHz selectable multi-beam antenna, also designed for a range of wireless broadband access, backhaul and mesh network applications. Click here for an SP-2520 datasheet.